using oils; where to start?

I recently received my second package of doTERRA essential oils in the mail, and after opening them all, inhaling them all….I wondered, now what? it can be overwhelming, this new approach to health. do I drop them in my mouth? do I sniff them? sprinkle them around the room? where’s the instruction manual?

so I thought I’d run a few posts on the different oils I’m using, and how I’m using them, to help others who may be wondering the same thing!

my current favorite oil blend from doTERRA is Serenity which is a blend of essential oils all with known calming properties. The oils are: lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean combined together to create an awesomely subtle aroma.

applied to the bottom of the feet at bedtime, is one way to support restful sleep. added to a warm bath, Serenity creates the perfect escape with its peaceful, renewing fragrance. if you have a diffuser, diffused in the room at bedtime or throughout the day for it’s calming properties.

I recently started applying it to the back of the neck of the four year old that I nanny for who has some behavior difficulties at school to see if it will help him get through the day….he reported an “awesome day” yesterday, so I think I’ll keep going with that! and at night, I put drops on a hot washcloth for his older brother to put over his face to help him get to sleep.

I carry Serenity in my purse so I can pop it out and just take a quick *whiff* if I need it!

I hope these ideas help–let me know if you have any of your own tips or need any questions answered!

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