sometimes being settled is a good thing. spending 2016 on the move was a great thing. spending 78.5% of 2017 in a constant state of flux was a not-so-great thing.   so, this thanksgiving, being settled in our own place feels kinda great.     gluten free all the things (except those darn crescent rolls. […]

time to bake.

(finally) looking back, and realizing that we have moved six times in the past year helps me understand why lately I just feel like sitting on the bed zoning out to back episodes of shows like “keeping up with the kardashians” and “brooklyn nine nine”. mindless brain numbing occupiers of my time.   but last […]

snack time.

I’ve been benefiting greatly from the use of essential oils lately, and sharing them with my friends and family to help them has become one of the best benefits. from helping my little nephew find a solution to his tummy aches, to the awesome sight of my brother in law inhaling peppermint oil for the […]