a long road to a new path.


sometimes, most times, in life we have no idea where we’re headed. when we moved into our beautiful lakefront apartment back in august of 2013; I was working full time crazy hours as a general manager of a high end diner. we were making plans to buy a new couch, furnish the balcony, enjoy the view we worked so hard to achieve.

four days later, I was fired.

this started a road of unemployment, stress, uncertainty, all of which led me on a downward spiral of lousy health.

at the end of september I ended up in the hospital with an intractible migraine. this was not the first time I had been through this, but I knew I wanted it to be the last. the treatment is worse than the headache, and at one point, with my head buried under a pile of blankets trying to block all senses, thinking I’d rather be dead than where I was….I swore it would be the last. that when I got out of there (three days later, although I still have no recollection of a whole 24 hours of that) I would take charge of my health and diet.

the morning after getting out of the hospital I opened my facebook page to the news that my cousin’s wife had lost her battle with cancer, after a year long battle. all before she turned 40, and leaving behind two young boys. I closed my computer and realized that I needed to go care for those boys. three weeks later I had loaded up the car, left behind the lake, the apartment, the uncertainty and embarked on a new road.

so now, after three months of jumping in to a brand new life, I find myself slowly feeling the aches and pains of my autoimmune disorder creeping back. taking care of two boys under the age of 8 is difficult. taking care of two boys under the age of 8 who just lost their mother is challenging. doing it when you’re not at you’re optimal health can rapidly become a stressful and unpleasant situation. I don’t want that to happen.

I keep reminding myself of being under that mound of hospital blankets, and the promise I made.

so I reached out to someone who promised me she could help me way back in october, and took her up on that promise. she told me about the magic of essential oils and their therapeutic properties. I started experimenting with different oils to see if they would help. when we all got hit with the flu, I rubbed oregano oil on the boy’s feet to boost immunity. they bounced back fairly fast. we all had peppermint, eucalyptus, bergamot oils rubbed on our forehead and necks to calm our fevers. I drip lavender on a hot towel to help get the older one calm before bed (use it as a compress over his eyes) and in the tubs at bath time for a soothing soak before bed. I’ve noticed a definite change in the night time routine since I started the oils.

I’ve ordered more, and I’m jumping on the full essential oil wellness bandwagon! and, as I become more educated, I’ll be sharing it here. (don’t worry, I’ll be adding gluten free recipes along the way again….)

I’m excited to see where this road is going, it’s a winding one for sure, but I’ve stayed on it this far.


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