what year that was

Some time, at the end of 2019, I remember everyone wishing it would just end, that it was going to be so great starting a new year. 2020 seemed so promising! We had no idea what was on the horizon. No idea it would be the year that we would want nothing more than to be able to leave our houses without fear of catching something that could kill us. Or the year that all we wanted was to shop for our own groceries. The year we’d leave our offices never to return. The year we waited patiently in lines to vote. The year we desperately wanted (and got) change.

It was a YEAR.

Some of us outgrew our tiny one bedroom apartments when they became work from home spaces and realized it was time to move out into the country where we could breathe. Buying a house wasn’t on our personal list of life goals (in fact I’d sworn I’d never do it again after owning two) but after doing some math and realizing we’d be paying more in rent to accommodate the office/living situation with much less space, we pandemic-bought a house on almost three acres, complete with a little barn, two sheds and an extra two car garage. We left our high rise life, overlooking the lake and moved out into the woods.

our house the day we looked at it. built in 1970, she needs some love!
our little barn and big yard

we have lots of plans for both the inside, and outside of this property, and have spent the time since we moved in planning and drawing, and demo-ing some things inside. (the kitchen is a nightmare, in the master bedroom we have removed a popcorn ceiling to reveal a beautiful hidden gem of a ceiling….) This spring we will be planting lots of landscaping, fruit trees and a few raised planter beds in the big lawn area. We are building out one of the stalls in the barn to be a chicken coop and expecting baby chicks at the end of April (!!) so expect an update then.

hopper on a snowy ohio morning

Future goals for this blog include keeping a running record of our progress as we turn this homestead into a food forest! Expect gardening updates, chicken pics and lots of home renovation posts.

And let’s hope 2021 shapes up to be a much better year.


All images © 2013-2021 Jeannie M. Starks / two daisies life

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