clean that kitchen! (and other fun things to do while we wait for spring….)

it seems like it will never get here.
I hear the birds outside my window in the morning.
some days the sun is even shining.
the mountains of snow are slowly becoming just piles of gray icy mass.
yesterday it went up to 52 degrees here in the Hudson River Valley.

but still, no spring.

so I look around this tiny apartment for more things to….well, clean.
because that’s what I do when I’m cooped up and have run out of things to organize.




it’s been a long hard winter here. but now it’s time to move forward, face new challenges and find the silver lining in that brutalness.

I’m going to start by cleaning.

(if you’re interested in the onGuard cleaning deal this month from doTERRA, click on the essential oils link above)


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