daily time out.

everyone needs a time out now and then.

I find that even though I spend a lot of time alone, I still need to place myself in some quiet isolation and just think things through. I used to “lock” myself in the bedroom as the kids were collapsing on the other side of the door for




of alone time.

it would work wonders. I’d emerge from that room (slightly) refreshed, and with a tad bit more energy to face the rest of the day.

now I take to the bath tub.

it’s a great place to unwind, calm the mind, and can also be very therapeutic.

having fibromyalgia, and chronic pain in my joints caused from the damage of hemochromatosis, sometimes the tub is the only place that gives me relief.

another benefit is that it fits right in the budget, and by simply changing up what oils I add to the water, I can adjust to my needs.


sore muscles are sore.


the beauty of the ‘at home spa therapy’ is it is so cheap.

and I love cheap.

here’s the breakdown:

.5 ounces of 365 Brand Fragrance Free Shower Gel = .09

10 drops doTerra AromaTouch Essential Oil (.10/drop) = $1.00

1/4cup Epsom Salts = .50

total cost: $1.59

not too bad for a relaxing, therapeutic, calming meditation session right there in your own bathroom.

I highly recommend this as a daily time-out. 

take care,


new year, new name, new look.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what this year should be about. the whole ‘clean slate’ thing and all. and if you think of it that way, it’s an exciting thing–a fresh carpet rolled out in front of you with nothing but opportunities and adventures.

there’s lots of change happening in my life, all things good, so I thought I’d dust off the cobwebs here and make some changes.

first off, although I am still a gluten free baker–it’s not my primary focus, and I’m baking less and less. so the blog title had to change and the word “life” seems to encompass what we’re all going through, yes? good or bad, it is life.

changing up the look of the blog just seemed like a natural next step as well. I’m going to focus on living simple, making changes to life that are healthy and cost effective focusing on wellness and sustainability.

so, happy 2015.

and, happy life



frozen lake erie 1.22.2015

time for a toddy.

you know that feeling–the scratchy throat, dragging body, droopy eyes feeling. it started hitting me halfway through my shift yesterday.

when I got home, after eating a quick dinner I whipped up one of these hot toddies, piled on the blankets, and turned on the netflix.

(I think I’m due for another dose tonight)

maple bourbon ginger toddy



maple bourbon ginger toddy:

{put the kettle on}

1 shot Bulliet Rye (or bourbon of choice)

1 teaspoon Crown Maple Syrup

1 drop DoTerra Ginger Essential Oil

2 Drops DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil

combine all in a mug while heating the kettle. when water boils, fill mug with desired amount of water.

enjoy, and be well xo