well it’s been a week. (technically almost two) but, man.

we learned a lot on this adventure so far.

mainly; we packed too much of the wrong things.

should have bought the tent first thing.

rain is the enemy.




as much as I hate to say it, walmart has been a lifesaver. sleeping there, undisturbed…ok, undisturbed except in Virginia on xmas eve when the local boys like to ride their pickups around and around until the wee hours…undisturbed; meaning we can be there and it’s cool with walmart.

“Radjit, you need someone on carts”

New Jersey is the worst place on earth. Anything worth getting to, you just can’t. hence our new  phrase, “that’s a New Jersey Shake Shack” meaning, it’s there, oh it’s RIGHT there..you can see it…practically touch it. you just can’t (and won’t EVER) get to it. (only people who have driven in the labyrinth that is Paramus, New Jersey will understand this)

learning how to ‘flip’ the car from driving mode to sleeping mode has gotten easier.

privacy screens: yes.

fan: hell yes.

learning how much you need to take into the starbucks bathroom in the morning to come out feeling fresh as a daisy (wipes, deodorant, toothbrush/paste new undies, new socks and freshen up the hair: boom.)


there’s so much time when you really have no where to go/be.

that’s probably been the hardest. it’s also been the gift.

we’ve seen so much:

DC on xmas eve, virtually empty (except the flocks of Asians with Selfie Sticks)…seemed like we escaped from a middle school field trip and finally got to see all the ‘good stuff’




waking up in the Croatan National Forest to rain gently dripping on the roof of the car, and the pink sun rising over the Neuse River: we did it! we spent the night in the woods! cooking breakfast in the clearing, while the other campers started fishing, carving, doing their thing. eating the best meal I’ve ever had, only because it was cooked on a single burner propane camp stove under towering North Carolina Pines.


of course there have been times that weren’t my favorite;

Having a mental breakdown in New Jersey (I mean, who wouldn’t?) in a park, in the rain, over all of our “stuff” not being organized. Throwing the excess away and realizing this, this has to be the worst day.

(that was day 2)

watching an old Asian lady get hit by a car in Atlantic City, and being the only car to stop. sitting in the rain on the wet street, each of us holding her hand while we waited with her for the ambulance and police to come.

Learning how to use my GoGirl at 2am while parked in a New Jersey Walmart parking lot, just as the night shift was leaving. “can they SEE MEE?!” as headlights lit up my white butt in the rear window of the car.

Christmas Dinner in a North Carolina Waffle House was less than ideal…but not the worst thing that I’ve done on Christmas.


New Year’s Eve spent waiting around all day for an amazon package that never came; the package that is essentially delivering our freedom; our tent.

realizing that you don’t really have anyone to depend on except yourself. that’s always a hard lesson to have to keep learning; but we’re all in this alone.

the days just staring at the ocean in South Carolina (Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms…) at the end of December seem to wash away the bad, at least for the moment.


All images © 2013-2016 Jeannie M. Starks / two daisies life

Is it over yet?


I have been absent, my friends, for a few months.

A few days after my previous post, I was having a beautiful lunch with my sister on an unusually warm “Indian Summer” day…stepped out of the restaurant on an uneven step, twisted my right ankle and heard an awful pop. “Acute avulsion fracture involving the dorsal aspect of the navicular with extension into the talon avicular joint.” Roughly translated means “the next nine weeks aren’t going to be your favorite”

Four weeks of non-weight bearing crutches, which meant not being able to get my own meals, not being able to shower (baths are fun) and no driving. Even the trip to the bathroom was exhausting. I then transitioned into slowly adding weight to the boot, with the crutches, working my way up to using just one crutch.

Today, nine weeks later I’m starting to use a lace up brace (with a real shoe!) and am able to do things like walk in the swimming pool, do some limited bike work with it and finally sleep without the constriction of that heavy plastic evil thing.

It’s been a long road, one I thought I’d never get to see the end of… but I think I’m finally going to get there.

I’m glad to be making my way back into the kitchen; I did make several successful batches of gluten free Christmas Cookies and a delicious Eggnog Pound Cake. It felt great.

I’m looking forward to 2013, feeling healthy and getting back to work! I hope you all had a lovely Holiday Season.

(oh, and watch your step!)


ps: I’m finally re-opening my etsy shop, so feel free to visit me over there as well.