Is it over yet?


I have been absent, my friends, for a few months.

A few days after my previous post, I was having a beautiful lunch with my sister on an unusually warm “Indian Summer” day…stepped out of the restaurant on an uneven step, twisted my right ankle and heard an awful pop. “Acute avulsion fracture involving the dorsal aspect of the navicular with extension into the talon avicular joint.” Roughly translated means “the next nine weeks aren’t going to be your favorite”

Four weeks of non-weight bearing crutches, which meant not being able to get my own meals, not being able to shower (baths are fun) and no driving. Even the trip to the bathroom was exhausting. I then transitioned into slowly adding weight to the boot, with the crutches, working my way up to using just one crutch.

Today, nine weeks later I’m starting to use a lace up brace (with a real shoe!) and am able to do things like walk in the swimming pool, do some limited bike work with it and finally sleep without the constriction of that heavy plastic evil thing.

It’s been a long road, one I thought I’d never get to see the end of… but I think I’m finally going to get there.

I’m glad to be making my way back into the kitchen; I did make several successful batches of gluten free Christmas Cookies and a delicious Eggnog Pound Cake. It felt great.

I’m looking forward to 2013, feeling healthy and getting back to work! I hope you all had a lovely Holiday Season.

(oh, and watch your step!)


ps: I’m finally re-opening my etsy shop, so feel free to visit me over there as well.

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