happy easter!


today I spent most of the day cooking because my mom can’t seem to (even after two years) wrap her head around the whole “gluten free cooking” concept. so, for most holiday meals I need to bring “my food”. that is, if I want to eat. and, usually I do.

so today I made a sweet potato gratin (using dairy free milk), bacon wrapped potatoes as an appetizer, assembled a cheese tray (ok, my partner handled that!) and assembled a cake that I baked yesterday.

the cake is a recipe I modified from a Barefoot Contessa recipe that I normally use for my coconut cupcakes. I eliminated that coconut and layered it with a dairy-free* pastry cream and fresh strawberries. Frosted with homemade buttercream. Should be a hit! 

*I use lactaid or similar dairy-free milk substitutes in most recipes that call for heavy quantities of milk. I seem to have issues with lactose as well as gluten. 

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