it’s a banana pudding kind of day.

The weekend was a few days ago, and had started out promising enough…but midway through turned into a bad gluten nightmare. (I know, we’ve all had them).  And, once you start feeling better, and you’re slowly not fearing food again, certain cravings take over.

for me it was banana pudding.

probably because I had a wonderful bunch of perfect bananas on my counter that had been my best friend (and only nutrients for three days). and now they were begging for a bath in creamy vanilla custard.

so I obliged.   I don’t think they minded one bit.


this morning I woke up thinking about biscuits. and ham. it’s been a while since I’ve had some hot, fresh buttery biscuits….years, in fact.

today was the day.

and I just happened to have everything I needed. including the ham and eggs to serve with them once they were complete. I made them using a modified recipe from my personal baking hero, Nicole Hunn (seriously, go check her out!) and they turned out just beautifully!

(I have just enough left over to have with left-over vanilla pastry cream and strawberries later….is your mouth watering yet?)