sometimes things don’t go as planned.

so, alas we are moving again. moving; and moving on.

I am ready for peace, and to focus on our goals.  life this past year has been seriously crazy. I means seriously crazy; the stress landed me in the hospital the other night.


but now, I’m ready to attack the next year.


and hope it doesn’t attack back.



  1. TheCatssMeoww · June 7, 2014

    Did you edit that photo yourself?! I love it!!!


    • twodaisiesbakery · June 7, 2014

      why, yes I did! thanks!


      • TheCatssMeoww · June 7, 2014

        What editor do you use. I have been trying to find a good one.


      • twodaisiesbakery · July 15, 2014

        I used an app called Studio, as well as Pages on my mac.


      • TheCatssMeoww · July 15, 2014

        Thank you!! I just downloaded Studio & I love it.


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