that time we packed everything we owned in my car, and got the hell out of new york.

(otherwise known as The Day We Became Minimalists Without Even Trying)packedCar


2013-14 will be the Years of Change.

I’ve moved three times in less than twelve months. from a fourth floor apartment in a building filled with dying old people (literally, dying. when we moved out we were one of only three apartments with viable human life still in them: all previous inhabitants had left feet first).

to an amazing high rise on the shores of my beautiful Lake Erie, waking up feeling like it was vacation every day (until I lost my job, and then it became a glorious prison)

and then on to the mountain top cabin in the Hudson Valley to care for two motherless boys and their lost father….which slowly turned into a prison of a whole different sort as we realized there is no helping those who won’t help themselves.

which brings us to last week. and the sudden, yet well thought out, decision to just throw the towel in on New York and seek refuge in the open arms of my sister and her house full of animals, kids and a blues singer husband.





so this will be the #summerofhealing (yes, we’ve already discussed a hashtag for it).

we’re designing an organic garden, plotting out a wildflower area and chopping firewood. and naps, lots of naps….most of them on the porch, some in the hammock.

the lesson learned from the past year (so far) is that it is time to take care of myself.

(have I said that before?)

well, this time I mean it.



All images © 2013-2019 Jeannie M. Starks / two daisies life 


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